diese Website in deutscher Sprache - this website in Dutch

How does this free online MacOS tutorial work?

This website is intended for people:
- who want to know how a Mac works
- consider getting a Mac
- doubt wether to get Mac or Windows - who are already Mac users and have a question or problem

In principle, this website can be used for all MacOS versions of the last 10 years.
The latest MacOS is 'Big Sur' or version 11. Most of the pictures are from that too.
However, the most difference between the latest MacOS operating systems is under the hood.

The last update is from: 07-06-2021.

The blue drop-down menus above show the chapters.
It is best for beginners to follow the links at the bottom of every page.

In addition, the course text is divided into color codes:

text in a red area = TIP (for advanced users, beginners can safely skip this at first)
text in a blue box = SWITCH-TIP (for switchers from Windows to Mac)
text in a black area = WARNING (important for all Mac users)

Note: the search function is at the lower right.


grtz, MacMiep (the Netherlands)

this website in Dutch

diese Website in deutscher Sprache (beta)

The next chapter is:
a brand new Mac
starting with the Mac

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