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Let your Macs share files with Airdrop

When you are in a room with several Macs, you can use Airdrop. You can "throw" files to another Mac with it.

How does Airdrop work?
Go to Airdrop in the Sidebar to see who is online. In this case only Macmiep.nl:

Now grab the file you want to share and drag and drop it to the Airdrop icon of the target Mac.

The other Mac will now be notified:

Only approval is needed: click 'Accept'. This is all. You do not have to set up anything else and you will therefore never receive anything you do not want.
You also get a notice when the data has arrived:

The file wil arrive in the Downloads folder:

Refuse a file
If you don't want the file one is offering you, you click 'Refuse'.
The other Mac will be notified:

Airdrop doest't work, what to do?
Macs have to be able to detect eachother. For that, Wifi and Bluetooth both have to be working. Go to System Preferences => Network and also Bluetooth.

Macs have to 'see' eachother
If all is well, the Macs can connect in Bluetooth:

I don't have Airdrop in the Sidebar
Go in the Finder to the Finder Menu and choose Finder Preferences => Sidebar.
Select 'Airdrop':

Distance between the Macs
The maximum distance between devices can be 9 meters. Pay attention to disturbing things such as microwave ovens, pipes, reinforced concrete and aquariums. USB 3 hubs can also distort.

No router needed
Macs do not have to be member of an existing Wifi network. You don't have to change anything in your router. Airdrop works seperately from any router. So you don't need to open things like 'File sharing'.

NOTE: Airdrop also works with iPhones and iPads iOS 7 or higher.
NB2: Airdrop works from MacOS 10.10.5 Yosemite and up.

The next chapter is:
with Windows or Linux

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