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Surfing the web with Safari

You can surf the internet with a web browser. It comes standard with every Mac and is called Safari.
However, you are not required to use Safari. Excellent alternatives are, for example, Firefox, Opera, Brave or Google Chrome.

The Safari window from left to right: top row:

- red button: delete window
- yellow button: put window in Dock
- green button: screen size window
- view your Bookmarks (Favorites or Bookmarks) right on the left side of your window
- <= one page back: back to the page you just visited
-> = one page forward: the same but the other way around
- Safari's anti-track option prevents you from being tracked online, click on it and see how many track attempts have been stopped
- the field where you enter the address (URL) of the page, also the search box of the Google search engine, with the round reload arrow on the far right
- the download button, shows how fast a download is going
- makes a Bookmark or 'Bookmark' of this page, recognizable if you also have an iPhone or iPad
- a new Safari window
- shows all open windows in Safari

Bookmarks (Favorites)
To create a Bookmark yourself, go to the Bookmarks Menu => Add Bookmark ...

Create the Favorites bar
MacMiep uses the Favorites bar for its favorite websites. It is disabled by default.
Go to the Bookmarks menu and choose Show Favorites Bar.

Place bookmark in Favorites bar
To add one to the Favorites bar, drag the web address to the bar.

Then you give the Favorite a name.

And there your favorite website is already in the bar:

Your own startpage
Go to the menu Safari => Preferences and choose your own favorite landing page.

NOTE: This can of course also be an empty page.

Downloading pictures
Just "drag and drop": click on the picture in the website and drag and drop it on your Desktop (or in a Finder window).


Download pictures by right-clicking
You can also right-click on the image for a context menu.
Here you can, for example, choose to send the image directly to Photos or use it as a Desktop Image right away.

NOTE: Sometimes images do not want to download because the builders of the website prevent this.

Too small characters in Safari?
With Command + they become bigger (and Command - smaller). Handy, because with the cat on my lap and leaning back in my chair I can surf excellently!

Mail a complete internet page?
Choose Command-i in Safari and Mail will start with the entire webpage placed in a new email.

Set another search engine
Are you tired of Google as a search engine?
Go to Preferences => General and choose an alternative at 'Default search engine'.

NOTE: a search engine that says NOT to track you is DuckDuckGo.

Extensions for Safari
If you, like MacMiep, hate being tracked by websites, you can extend Safari with an extension against it. For example Ghostery.
You can find it under the menu Safari => Safari Extensions. Click on 'More extensions' at the bottom right:

This leads to the App Store where you will find many more of these useful extras. Ad blockers for example.

Or an extention that prohibits trackers:

Note: If you are using the latest Safari version, Apple has already built in an anti-tracker function for you.

Show the complete internet address
MacMiep likes to see exactly where she is on the internet. You can choose that at Safari => Preferences => Advanced:

Choose another standard browser
Go to System Prefereces => General:

Note: Make sure you install another browser first!

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