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1 person and one Mac

For a moment we assume that you are the ONLY one using the Mac. Only in the chapter More Users do we explain how it works in case you have to run an entire orphanage.

Account name and password
The first time you start up MacOS, you will be asked to provide an Account name and a Password. Choose them well; you will still need them regularly. When installing large programs or changing system settings, the Mac will certainly ask for this.

But you will also have to log in when starting your Mac:

Log in automatically
As the only user, you do not necessarily have to enter your name and password every time you start up. Go to System Preferences => Users and Groups to turn automatic login on or off:

Of course you will have to enter your password to change this:

NOTE: Automatic login means that anyone who gets hold of your Mac can work with it!

The admin
The Administrator is a User who may do things such as install programs and change system settings. If you are alone, you are automatically the Administrator. This is why you should remember your password, even if you log in automatically!

I don't like my password
Go to System Preferences => Users and choose Change Password:

Note: you cannot create a new one without the old password!

I do not like the Login name annex Home folder name I've chosen
You cannot (and may) NOT change the name of your Login Name / Home Folder: so choose your login name carefully. If you made a mistake, there is no other option than to create a new user and throw away the old account. You can read how to do this in the chapter More Users.

Severe concerns about access to your Mac
Are you working on cold fusion or do you find it extremely important that your Mac is not accessible to others, then go to the Security chapter to keep your Mac more secure than just with a login name + password.

You can read how to work with several people on 1 Mac in the next chapter.

The next chapter is:
multiple users
or, in case you are the only one using the Mac:
installing software

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