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The helper on your Mac: Automator

Automater is an app that allows you to automate all kinds of things. MacMiep mainly uses it to rename multiple Finder items at once.
However, Automator is suitable for many more things. Here is just an example of what you can do with it.

Automator Demonstration
There should be no spaces in a file that is placed on the internet.
MacMiep works mostly with Screenshots*. They are automatically given a name with "Screen image year date" and time.
There are spaces between the letters and numbers. So they have to get out before they can be placed online.
With Automator you can do that very easily.

Rename files with Automator
These are the files I want to rename:

*Note: You can take screenshots with the key combination Command-Shift-3 for the entire screen and Command-Shift-4 for a part.

Automator: replace spaces from Finder names with an underscore ( _ )
Launch Automator and choose "New" from the "File" menu:

Choose 'Task sequence':

Find "Rename Finder Items" in the middle row:

Drag and drop this to the empty space on the right:

You will be asked whether you want to copy your work or not. If you have never worked with Automater before you can choose 'Add'. When you make a mistake you can always go back.

A command block appears:

Now adjust this command to your liking. In this case we choose 'Replace Text':

At 'Search' we type a space and at 'Replace' an underscore (_):

You have now completed the assignment. Now you have to run it.
Make sure that the Automator window and the folder containing the files are next to each other:

Drag the Finder items into the Automator window, just above the command. Wait for the green + symbol and then drop:

The files appear above the command under the heading 'Get specified Finder items':

Now click on 'Run' at the top right to start the command:

Ready! The spaces have all turned into underscores:

Are you going to use this Automator command more often? Then you can choose to save it for next time.

Remember: this is just a very small example of what Automator can do. Try it out!

The next chapter is:
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