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What kind of Mac do I actually have?

To find this out, go to the top left, to the Apple Menu. Click on the apple, hold the mouse button and move down (use the left side of the mouse / left button).
Choose About This Mac.

A window appears with information:

Click System Overview to learn more about your Mac:

About your Mac - the movie

Why is this useful?
When you call a help desk or ask a question offline or online, it's nice that you can immediately tell what kind of Mac you have (and impress at parties, of course).
You are also better prepared when downloading software that fits your Mac.

Find out about your data
Under the Storage tab you can see how big your hard drive ('Macintosh HD') is, how full, and with what:

Click on 'Manage' and you will immediately be offered the option to clean up everything:

A handy little program that tells you everything about your Mac is EtreCheck. It constructs a text file which you can copy to a forum or for a helpdesk.

The next chapter is:
personalize your Mac

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