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The Mac's keyboard

Here you will find a number of special keys. For example the Command key:

The Option (alt) key:

The Control (ctrl) key:

The fn key :

Difference between Mac and Windows keyboards
Windows users will notice that an Apple keyboard is slightly different from a Windows keyboard:

- A Windows keyboard has Control (Ctrl), Windows, Alt.
- An Apple keyboard has Control (Ctrl), Option (Alt) and Command keys.

You can attach a Windows keyboard to a Mac. The Alt key will act as the Option key, and the Windows as Command. Just test it!

The Delete key
For Forward Delete, there is no key as such. Then use Fn + Delete.

Your Mac's Keyboard: Using Punctuation Marks
Option + e = acute accent é
Option + u = diaeresis ü
Option + `= grave accent è
Option + i = circumflex accent î
Option + 2 = Euro €

How does this work?
For example, to get an acute accent (é), type the key combination Option + e. Nothing happens after that. The acute accent only appears when you then type a letter. He will then arrive at this letter (provided that the letter may bear a / of course). This is how it works with all characters.

One more way
Another option is to hold down the letter on which the accent should be placed while typing. A pop-up appears with the accents that are possible for this letter. Then choose the accent with your mouse.
You may recognise this from the iPad / iPhone.

1 Specialetekens2

Spell checker
In System Preferences => Keyboard you can optionally turn off the automatic spelling correction.
You can find this under the Text tab. Uncheck 'Correct spelling automatically':

Note: Within programs themselves there are often options for spell checking.

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