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A brand new Mac: what can I expect?

The Mac will ask you a number of questions at startup. You don't need to decide evertything yet, most of it can be configured later.

Power on a Mac
On your Mac you will find a round button with a dash and a three-quarter circle.
This is the power button.

The Mac will boot with a black screen with an apple in it and a white progress line:

The first question: what is your country?

Written and spoken languages
Do you prefer your another keyboard layout? You can indicate this now. Choose 'Customize Settings' for that:

In case you have trouble with vision, motor, hearing or cognitive capabilities, you can adjust the settings now:

Do you connect your new Mac wireless? Fill in the data (can be done later).

Data transfer with Migration Assistant
Do you want to transfer the data from your previous computer to this one? This is possible now, but also later:

Apple ID
You definitely need an Apple ID. You can postpone it for a while, but for example when downloading apps from the App Store (Apple's software store), buying music or films or working with Apple's cloud (iCloud), you cannot do without an Apple ID. If you do not have one yet, click "Create new Apple ID".

Account name
This one is important and cannot be postponed. You will be asked to provide an Account Name. You'll use this name for the rest of your Mac life, so choose it carefully. It will be the name of your Home folder with all your data.
Also choose your password carefully and write it down somewhere safe. You won't be the first or the last to not be able to enter his Mac.
An Apple ID is also important to be able to reset the password. If you have lost your account password, you can be saved by your Apple ID. Don't worry; you'll read all about it in this turorial.

iCloud keychain
Would you like to share your passwords and other information with your iPhone or iPad? You don't need to decide right now:

Privacy questions
Are apps allowed to know your location (you can configure this per application later on) and do you like to help Apple to improve her products?

Click on 'Configure now' in the lower left to adjust what you want to allow yes or no:

Privacy again
Privacy questions will also come by: are apps allowed to know your location (adjustable later) and do you want to help Apple with donating anonimized info about your Mac.

Screen Time
The next screen asks you about other things. You don't have to worry about it now, you can set everything up later. How, you can read in this tutorial.

Siri is the Mac's sidekick. If you want to use her, indicate that here. You can also decide later if you want.

iCloud drive
Do you want to use Apple's Cloud, called 'iCloud'? You will receive a free email address and 5 Gigabyte of space. More is also possible, for a fee. Plus it is useful if you also have an iPhone or iPad, then you can sync and backup files easily via iCloud. Again, you don't have to decide now, you can do that later.

What do you want your Mac to look like? Like this:

Or like this:

So you can change most of what you have just set, except for your Account name.

Logging in
Look, your Account name is already there. With the password you have chosen you must now log in:

Now you can start working with your Mac.
Have lots of fun!

The next chapter is:
starting with the Mac

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